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The Plantory. {The ‘PLANT-uh-ree}

Elvis-9-25-2012aWhat IS The Plantory?
The Plantory is an innovative coworking space that grows good ideas and connects communities. We take care of the administrative needs of our nonprofit tenants so that they can focus on their missions and get more good work done for the community. We also meet a critical need in Lexington’s nonprofit world by intentionally growing our community as an affordable center where cooperation and creativity can flourish through workspace, meeting space, incubation services, workshops, and networking events.

But what do you DO? Although our mission to alleviate nonprofits’ overhead is constant, the steps we take to improve the nonprofit community look different every day. Sometimes, you will find us scheduling a coffee date between two organizations that are working on similar projects and could connect to share resources. Some days, you will find us helping one of our community members write a grant application. Other days we are hosting a workshop series so that directors of small nonprofits (who don’t have a budget for ongoing education) can continue to grow and get better at their jobs. Every day, we also do things like have a receptionist for everyone to share, answer phones, pay utilities, handle conference room scheduling, fundraise for money to subsidize everyone’s rent, etc. Basically, we do a lot of the administrative stuff that nonprofit directors would otherwise have to do. This frees up their time so that they can focus more on their missions.

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Surprise! We’re Moving!

You might have seen a lot of good going on around the Plantory.  We have regular meetings going on in our Conference Room, our tenants are using our facility for great community work, and Elvis has become a top-notch greeter.  We are working hard each and every day to ensure our space is a comfortable, efficient, and friendly workplace for all who visit.  We’re a community where good grows, and we’re so grateful that so many people have partnered with us in various ways to make our community a success.

With so many great people in our community, lots of great projects, and tons of collaboration, our first home on 3rd Street is getting a little crowded.  We’ve reached tenant capacity and have often cannot accommodate some community meetings – because our Conference Room is so frequently booked!  We’re growing – and we’re expanding outside of this facility.

Our friends over at The Bread Box on West 6th Street have partnered with us to ensure that we’ll have a new home to move into.  We’re talking to some amazing architects who are designing a unique and functional space which will accommodate all of our needs and your’s!  Our new conference rooms will be top of the line, and our open floor plan will be inviting, effective, and cost-friendly for all.  In time, we’ll have better technology, great workshops planned, and tons of energy focused on community collaboration.

We are still working out a lot of details.  We’re going to begin a capital campaign to help raise the funds needed to outfit the space and really make it feel like our new home.  We’re seeking commitments from a variety of different types of people and organizations who will become great additions to our community.  We’re also adding special features like showers for guests who need to come in from out of town, creative art space, and much-needed storage space for our tenants.  This is Plantory version 2.0 – and we’re so excited to get started!

We have a lot to do – and we haven’t even figured out a move-in date yet!  If you’re interested in helping, contact Executive Director Angela Baldridge right away at angela@plantory.org.  She’s looking for anyone with great ideas, a creative fundraising mind, and the passion to make the Plantory bigger and better!

We have more surprises and details to come.  Can’t wait to embark on this journey with you!

Your friends,

Angela, Daniel, and Jill


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